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Leadership–  Associations must have professionals at all levels that possess the skills necessary to build a shared vision for a better future for all areas of responsibility.  Staff must be able to influence and inspire, to effectively communicate the value and priorities of their profession, industry or cause to external audiences and be seen as a credible industry resource.

Management and Motivation–  Associations must have staff that can inspire and empower others to achieve superior performance, not just as individuals, but also as a cohesive community.

Business Acumen– Associations must have staff who possess strong business and financial management skills in order to achieve high performance, including an understanding of financial processes and controls, strong business and financial management skills including new income generation and effective marketing practices and analysis.

Understanding of Key Issues of the Industry–  Associations must possess the ability to assess and understand the issues, challenges and opportunities that affects members.

Innovation and Managing Change– Associations must be both change agents and change managers.  To stay ahead of the rapidly changing needs and desires of their members and markets, they must nurture innovation skills to stay ahead of the rapidly changing needs and desires of members and markets.

Knowledge of and Familiarity with Technology– Technology is one of the most important tools organizations have to foster communication and enhance performance.  Associations  must have staff with working knowledge of both current and emerging technologies and an understanding of how different technologies might be used to further organizational objectives.

Development of Meaningful Member Experiences–  Associations must become highly skilled at developing meaningful, relevant and exceptional experiences for members, particularly volunteer leaders who invest their time and resources in the organization.  This includes high quality services and personalized benefits that create a total member experience.

Knowledge Development & Delivery–  Associations must develop new ways to help members sort through the overabundance of data and information available today and deliver knowledge in ways that members find usable, relevant and timely.

Creation of Learning Communities–  Associations must become experts in the ways adults learn, creating learning experiences and communities that provide multiple opportunities for professional development and discovery.

Focus on the Future– To survive in a climate of profound and fundamental change, associations must think like futurists, continually scanning the horizon to identify trends, practices, threats and opportunities that might affect the future of their organization.

Continuous Personal Growth and Development– Associations are committed to developing their staff as whole persons, both inside and outside the workplace.  Staff must be encouraged to develop strong values, and continually strive to achieve balance in their lives, feed their intellects and nurture their souls.

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