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Republicans get pounded in primary election

By Mark Johnson, Senior Vice President for Government Affairs

Last night the early primary election results strongly favored the Democrats.

From the U.S. Senate race to the state legislative races, Republicans were pounded across the state.  However, many ballots are yet to be counted.  Republicans are hoping that their supporters mailed their ballots late and that the numbers will sway back in their direction.

What caused this?  Is it an anti-Trump sentiment?  Many theories are swirling about.

This election cycle is extremely important as both the state Senate and House are controlled by the Democrats by razor-thin margins – one vote in the Senate and two votes in the House.

While the primary is not the final say on who gets to serve in Congress in Washington, D.C. or to serve in the Legislature at our State Capitol in Olympia, it is a major indicator of the strength of the candidates, their messages and the voter sentiment.

That means that the general election, scheduled for November 6th, will be very interesting.

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