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Seattle City Council Repeals Head Tax

Statement of the Washington Retail Association

On Repeal of the Seattle Head Tax

This afternoon, the Seattle City Council voted 7 to 2 to repeal the Seattle Head Tax (or Employee Hours Tax), just under a month after passing the tax by a 9 – 0 vote. The Council passed the tax on May 14 over the vocal opposition of a broad cross-section of the public.

The Washington Retail Association opposed passage of the Head Tax and quickly donated to the campaign created to place an initiative on the ballot to repeal the Head Tax. That campaign collected over 45,000 signatures, well in excess of the 17,700 valid signatures required to place the initiative on the ballot.

Seattle has a staggering homelessness problem.  It must be addressed, and Seattle city government is spending about $90 million on homelessness in 2018. But this is not a problem unique to Seattle. We commend the One Table process that brings together King County, Seattle, suburban cities, service providers, business, philanthropy and others to address homelessness on a county-wide basis.

“A tax on jobs was never the right solution to this problem. We commend the Mayor and majority of the City Council for moving to repeal this tax,” stated Renée Sunde, President and CEO of the Washington Retail Association.

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