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The nightmare of restrictive scheduling

By Jan Teague, President/CEO

Seattle city council members have been thinking about proposing work schedule restrictions for employees in the city.  Council members don’t have anything in writing quite yet.

But once again, there is talk of a concept that may not work for various businesses.  The needs of businesses for their labor are so diverse there is no question this is going to cause problems.

This week Fox News has been looking for businesses in Seattle that might be willing to have a conversation about their scheduling practices.  A Fox correspondent hasn’t had much luck finding anyone who will do an interview.  Why would a business want to risk being picketed by zealous people?  It destroys sales and may have a lasting impact on business.

This is once again the challenge that business faces on any issue related to employees.  They can’t talk about it publicly without getting attacked either in the media or by people carrying signs in front of their business.  Can every business schedule two weeks out?

The mood in retail is so fragile and is impacted by weather conditions, global events, and other unforeseen issues, like employee and family illness.  I am concerned about this one and even in the one place in the country that likes to try all of these ideas out, San Francisco, the rumor from business is that restricting employee schedules is a practice that is a nightmare.

Will Seattle become a nightmare, too?

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