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Over 800,000 jobs in Washington State depend on the retail industry.  The WRA helps protect those jobs and their employers.

WRA is the only association in Washington formed exclusively to advocate the unique interest of the retailing industry on state legislative and regulatory issues. Our strength is in our numbers and in the diversity of our membership. WRA represents over 2,800 retail storefronts. Our roster includes all types of retailers in all parts of the state, including the largest national chains to the smallest independent businesses. Members include wholesalers, dealers, professional services, and mall owners & operators.


(Percentage of times legislators voted in favor of Washington Retail Association positions in recent years)
(Percentage of times legislators voted in favor of Washington Retail Association positions in recent years)


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Check the voting record of the Washington Congressional delegation on key retail-related votes from the 113th Congress.


1. Taxes and Fees

WRA will fight to stop the increase of any existing tax, the imposition of a new tax or the elimination of any existing tax incentive or preference currently maintained for the benefit of retailers. WRA also will oppose attempts to increase or impose fees or extend more taxing authority to local governments without a vote of the people.

2. Minimum/Living Wage

WRA will oppose efforts to adopt a “living wage” higher than our state minimum wage of $9.47, the nation’s highest. WRA prefers financial incentives such as a teen and training wage to help younger workers enter the job market and encourage business to hire more workers.

3. Mandatory Leave Laws

WRA will oppose efforts to adopt sick and safe leave or any other mandated leave on a statewide or local basis due to the expense, administrative burden, inflexibility and exposure to lawsuits.

4. Registering paid signature gatherers

WRA is supporting legislation to require paid signature gathering businesses to register their employees with the Secretary of State. Such legislation would include a short training component to clarify the rights of store owners and signature gatherers to ensure an unencumbered shopping experience for customers.

5. Product stewardship

WRA will continue to support a producer or manufacturer-responsibility model for all products at their end of life. WRA opposes mandatory take back of items, mandatory signage and sales receipt requirements or point-of-sale fees or taxes.

6. Organized retail crime

WRA will support efforts to enhance the state’s existing ORC laws passed to extend tools to retailers, police and prosecutors to curb this growing crime.  It is estimated that nationwide, crime rings annually steal more than $30 billion in merchandise.

7. Independent contractors

WRA will strongly oppose any attempts to alter the existing definition of independent contractors that would classify them as employees of the companies that contract with them.

8. Workers’ comp reform

WRA will continue to support reforms to speed the processing of claims and save the system money while ensuring that injured worker get the benefits to which they are entitled.

9. Unemployment insurance

WRA will fight to ensure that the state’s healthy trust fund is not raided for unrelated reasons. WRA also encourages the state to upgrade the efficiency of its aging computer system to better manage the cost of processing claims and administering the employer tax.

10. Sales tax holiday for back-to-school

WRA will continue to support a producer or manufacturer responsibility model for all products at their end-of-life.  WRA opposes mandatory take back of items, mandatory signage and sales receipts requirements, and point-of-sale fees or taxes.




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