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      Organizational Norms of The Washington Retail Association and Retail Association Services, Inc.


Purpose Statement:

In order to create and maintain an office atmosphere that allows us to excel and encourages growth in our organization, our membership and ourselves, we have adopted the following office norms.

Expected Office Behaviors:

Member Focus: Our members are our highest priority.  We will treat them with professionalism and courtesy.  We will listen to their comments and concerns and will follow through in a timely manner.

  • Professional & Courteous –Our conduct will reflect a courteous and respectful attitude towards our members and co-workers.
    • We will show consideration for one another’s workspace and schedules,  being aware of sounds and activities that disrupt others; and
    • We will keep individual and shared work spaces clean.
  • Honest – We will be honest in our dealings with each other.
  • Respectful – We will be aware of appropriate timing and delivery of communications.
  • Listen –We will listen 100%; attentive to each other and our members while being receptive to hear the message and responsive to other’s intent.
  • Understanding – We will be sensitive of others’ situations, their needs and the uniqueness of each person’s perspective.
  • Behavioral Feedback – We will commit to clarifying behavior without judgment.
  • Commit to resolve interpersonal issues – We all have a role in ensuring that resolution occurs to issues that are negatively impacting morale or the organization.  We will:
    • Identify issues of concern or problems;
    • Address those issues directly with individuals or involved person, one on one;
    • All parties will respond by taking positive action to resolve those concerns or problems.  Address misunderstandings as they occur and be willing to do follow-up discussions to ensure the issues remain resolved;
    • If any party feels there is no resolution from efforts, go to the next supervisory level;
    • If we believe these issues are putting the organization or assignment at risk, ensure that the Supervisor or President is informed so follow-up can occur.
  • Accessibility–  Be open to change in procedures and new ideas to encourage professional growth and operation excellence.

Work Responsibilities:

Take the risk to ask – It is okay to ask for help with work responsibilities or for a decision. 

  • Communicate –
    • Your needs for space and time to do your work. Provide an alternative if possible;
    • Important issues in a timely manner – to each other and members;
    • Goals, measurements and achievements – for individuals, teams and the organization.
  • Be creative in how you handle your assignments.
  • Be motivated to take the initiative to reach your goals.
  • Be flexible and willing to adapt to the changing workload and staff needs; and
  • Prioritize – Determine, communicate and follow through on priorities; taking into consideration the needs of the parties involved and the organization.
  • Accountable– To each other and our projects.

Expected Outcomes:

  • Member Satisfaction – Members’ needs and concerns are addressed;
  • Fairness – respecting each other’s work responsibilities and the uniqueness of each person’s situation;
  • Quality work –  reflecting accuracy and timeliness;
  • Results – Goals achieved- success;
  • Recognition – Individual or team accomplishments are celebrated;
  • Enjoyment — The work environment creates enthusiasm, fun and fulfillment; and
  • Pride We are proud of our work and the image our organization conveys.
  • Empowerment- we feel valued for our contributions and ideas.
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