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The Seattle Restrictive Scheduling Threat


Full Service Workers Alliance


The Full Service Workers Alliance (FSWA) of Seattle and more than 1000 Seattle restaurant workers are speaking out against The Seattle City Council’s attempt to pass The Secure Scheduling Ordinance (SSO).

The SSO was drafted to help quick service, baristas, retail, and fast food workers who need access to hours and deserve secure schedules, however, it was done so without consideration of the Full Service Employees and Establishments that hire them. As Full Service workers, we value the freedoms provided by flexible scheduling. Having a flexible schedule allows many in the industry to dictate what schedule works best personally as well as make the most economically sound choices for their lives.

“Having the freedom to create a schedule that fits my personal needs has been an amazing blessing in my life that the restaurant industry has provided me. I can work as many hours or as little as I like, how many jobs give you that freedom to dictate the schedule that works for you?  It allows me the personal time I need to spend with my partner and have quality time with my friends and family,” said Sean David, Bartender at Tanakasan.

A flexible schedule gives Full Service Employees the freedom to pick up shifts, last minute private events, the choice to work closing and opening shifts back to back, work double shifts,and other economically advantageous scheduling decisions. As Full Service Workers we do support legislation that aims to benefit and protect the rights of workers, however, we do not support railroad legislation that would end the freedom of a flexible schedule Full Service jobs currently provide.

Christy Taylor, a server at Elliot Bay Public House Brewery and a single mother in Seattle says “A Flexible schedule gives me the freedom I need to raise my daughter on my own. Creating my own schedule has given me the time I need to volunteer for her school functions, attend parent teacher conferences, and take off at the last minute when she is sick. I am extremely frustrated that the city council has not taken the time to reach out to restaurant workers to find out how they feel about this type of legislation or how it would impact their personal and professional lives. I firmly believe that the City Council’s restrictions on scheduling for Full Service Workers will hinder the flexibility I need as a single parent and damage my ability to earn a sustainable income.”

The current legislation being proposed would pose unnecessary bureaucratic red-tape for Full Service Employees. Putting an end to the freedoms of crafting a schedule that fits the employees personal and professional needs. This legislation would place a great burden financially on both the business owners and the employee.

We as a group of full service workers have tried several times to reach out to our elected officials to lend our voice in shaping this legislation only to be met with condemnation of protest out of possible loss of convenience and accusations that we were not poor enough to have an opinion about this legislation. It is out of this disregard the FSWA was born. Through our work, we’ve created a platform where Full Service Employees can unite and have our collective voices heard by both employers and local legislators, which is why we strongly disagree with the current legislation which would negatively impact the freedoms of thousands of current restaurant professionals around Seattle.

The FSWA of Seattle is a locally formed advocacy group made up of full service workers who are very passionate about the security of their freedoms, rights, and livelihoods. It is our aim to advocate for the protection of those freedoms and rights of of our fellow Full Service Workers and restaurant professionals.

It is our primary objective that The Full Service Industry be exempt from the language of the Secure Scheduling Ordinance in order to protect our financial security and the freedom of flexibility our full service jobs currently provide.

We are gathering strength and support and NOW is the time to stand united! Tell the Seattle City Council to remove the Full Service industry from the language of this ordinance and protect our right and freedom to continue to have flexible schedules!


Thank you,


Sean M David

Media Contact

Full Service Workers Alliance – Seattle


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