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Service Standards for the Washington Retail Association


  • Service Standards are the staff’s behaviors linked to responses to WRA’s customers needs, elements, and requirements of each staff.
  • Service standards should be clear, specific, and behavioral.
  • Understanding WRA’s mission, values, norms and core business helps to create service standards so staff can assure a good customer service experience.


  1. As Staff we should work at obtaining and developing a basic knowledge concerning the Washington Retail Association and continually work to improve this knowledge.
    • Staff should have a keen awareness of our customer’s needs and wants along with recognizing how to provide services that will meet those expectations.  Our customers determine the association’s value, and define its success.  Those customers include all retailers, legislators, agency executives, service providers and the media.
    • As an Association we should be knowledgeable of current events so as to be a resource to our members, legislators and the media.
    • Staff should have a general knowledge of the services that WRA provides its members and a cursory understanding of current projects that are being developed or in presentation.
    • Likewise Staff should be familiar with WRA’s mission, it’s vision, and it’s business plan, goals and the objectives to reach those goals.
    • Utilize the Organizational Norms that have been provided for and agreed upon by the Staff in establishing office behaviors, work responsibilities, and expected outcomes from staff actions.  Always consider how our actions will impact office moral or the Associations operations.  Agree to the common understanding that the Organizational Norm’s are provided to support learning and growth.
    • Work together, by showing a willingness to help when needed on projects outside of ones own sphere of responsibility.
  2. Provide services that are action oriented.
    • Be interested and engaging with people who call.  Ask questions, repeat their request back to them, and document, if necessary what was discussed to confirm what was agreed upon.
    • Respond quickly to phone calls within-24 hours.  Make returning calls a high priority in daily workload.
    • Provide follow-up steps to ensure that members received the service they expected.  Call or drop a note to customers who ask for information.
    • Develop follow-up systems within departments that can track requests, a timeline for commitments, assignments from start to completion, and reporting back, as an added service value.
    • Provide adequate back up documentation so that another team member can be responsive to the service needs of the members.
  3. Make communications regular and consistent.
    • Communicate with the office regularly when out so there is no gap in responsive to service needs.
    • Update the website monthly.
    • Define systematic proactive communications with the members.
  4. Make commitments that you can be accountable to.
    • Define timelines for various service requests or projects so that other staff, members, legislators or the media know what to expect from the services or projects.
    • Set clear expectations for members and staff concerning your services and capabilities to deliver based on time-frames, resources or level of difficulty in finding information.
    • Work should be accurate so as to maintain WRA’s credibility with attention to detail.
    • Review and discuss the integrity of assignments to assure that the work being presented creates a respect among legislators. If an assignment cannot be completed accurately and in a timely fashion, then a commitment to provide the information should not be given.   Consider and seek out alternative resources as a way to express accountability.
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