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Defense for employers in workers’compensation cases

Terry Hopsecger, Director Business Development

Washington Retail Association retains a law firm that specializes in employer defense in workers’ compensation cases.

When it’s needed, our experts provide legal representation to Washington Retail Association on behalf of employers at all stages of a workers’ compensation claim. This includes providing assistance at the administrative level as well as advocacy at the Washington State Board of Industrial Insurance Appeals and Superior court. Our goal is to help reduce the employer’s liability.

Workers’ Compensation Attorneys help employers mitigate their exposure and represent the interests of the employer at hearings, trials, depositions, oral arguments, mediations, arbitrations and other proceedings. Our attorneys strive for practical and cost-effective solutions whether the matter requires human resources consultation, dispute resolution or extended litigation. There is no additional charge for this service when a member.

Our Claims Analysts regularly monitor loss run reports for trends and alert our Management team and our workers’ compensation attorneys to possible concerns. Our analysts investigate accidents and problem areas. They compile and submit reports required by company management and they coordinate and attend claims reviews. When necessary the claims are turned over to our Workers’ Compensation attorney who helps to negotiate settlements on behalf of our membership.

We want to provide critical solutions to your businesses. Free access to our Workers’ Compensation Attorney’s expert advice is another service provided in our suite of membership programs.

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