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L&I considers new rules about lead

Labor & Industries is studying whether to adopt new rules by the end of the year for working with lead.

Among the considerations are batteries, ammunition, brass that contains lead, fishing gear, industrial paints, self-lubricating bearings, hardware stores, radiator repair and other related work situations.

Rick Means, WRA’s Safety Specialist, reports employers working with bulk lead products containing 20 percent or more of lead by volume would need to provide protective equipment such as nitrile gloves, hand-washing stations and respirators as needed. Fishing gear departments that handle unwrapped sinkers, for example, could experience lead absorption into the skin.

Click here for more background on these developments. This document reviews significant proposed changes to existing rules for working around lead. Rick asks that you inform him if you work with lead so that he might keep you posted on the status of rule changes.

Reach Rick at 360-200-6454 or rick.means@retailassociationservices.com.

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