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Remember to vote this year, it really matters

By Jim Szymanski, Director of Communications

Washington Retail Association joins the U.S. Chamber of Commerce this year in urging everyone to vote in the November 6 elections.

The retail industry depends upon elected officials who have developed a sense for business and job creation and retention. The state and national economies are healthy right now, which bodes well for most retailers this upcoming holiday season.

But economies ebb and flow. It requires elected officials who understand and support the needs of businesses in the tough times to protect jobs and to help retailers grow and prosper in the long run.

Please consider voting for WRA’s endorsed candidates for state Legislature. Their voting records and answers in surveys and interviews assure us that they will listen and work to act upon the needs of retailers during Legislature debates and votes.

They are, for state Senate:

Rep. Jeff Holy in District 6; Sen. Sharon Brown in District 8; Sen. Jim Honeyford in District 15; Marty McClendon for the open seat in District 26; Sen. Mark Miloscia in District 30; Sen. Phil Fortunato in District 31; Sen. Tim Sheldon in District 35; Sen. Doug Ericksen in District 42; Sen. Joe Fain in District 47 and former state Senator Rodney Tom in District 48.

For the state House of Representatives:

Reps. JT Wilcox and Andrew Barkis in District 2; Reps. Matt Shea and Bob McCaslin in District 4; Rep. Paul Graves and former state Rep. Chad Magendanz for the open seat in District 5; Rep. Mike Volz in District 6; Reps. Jacqueline Maycumber and Joel Kretz in District 7; Rep. Brad Klippert in District 8; Reps. Mary Dye and Joe Schmick in District 9; Rep. Dave Hayes in District 10; Rep. Mike Steele in District 12; Rep. Tom Dent in District 13; Rep. Bruce Chandler in District 15; Rep. Bill Jenkin in District 16; Reps. Paul Harris and Vicki Kraft in District 17; Rep. Brandon Vick in District 18; Rep. Jim Walsh in District 19; Reps. Richard DeBolt and Ed Orcutt in District 20; Reps. Jesse Young and Michelle Caldier in District 26; Rep. Dick Muri and Maia Espinoza in District 28; former state Rep. Linda Kochmar in District 30; Reps. Morgan Irwin and Drew Stokesbary in District 31; Reps. Drew MacEwen and Dan Griffey in District 35; Rep. Carolyn Eslick in District 39; Reps. Vincent Buys and Luanne Van Werven in District 42; Rep. Mark Harmsworth in District 45; Rep. Mark Hargrove in District 47.

The deadline to register to vote online or by mail in Washington is Monday, Oct. 8. Click here to learn more and register.  In-person registrations for new voters are accepted up to  8-days prior to Election Day.

The U. S. Chamber’s 2018 Midterm Voter Toolkit comes complete with signage, posters and pocket cards for you to share with your company and employees.

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