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Retrospective Rating membership includes complimentary added value

By Terry Hopsecger, Director Business Development

When enrolled in Labor & Industries’ Group Retrospective Rating Program, which our team administers, members receive specialized services at no additional cost for the good of the group.

For example, if you or your claims manager suspect that your employee has committed workers’ compensation fraud, and you are a member of the program, we will contract with a full-service investigative company to help minimize the potential and ongoing risks.

An investigation is conducted to determine the facts surrounding an alleged injury to a worker on the job and determines if the alleged injury was work-related and happened during the course of employment or whether the injury was non-industrial.

We contract with investigators that ensure the best results and highest return on investment.   They help to derail fraudulent claims. They utilize the latest software and investigative techniques that include online and social media research, medical sweeps, recorded statements and targeted claims. They obtain social media evidence in a way that preserves its evidentiary value.

Techniques used to uncover workers compensation fraud include surveillance, interviews, research, background checks, and records research.

Workers’ compensation investigators can gather evidence if they uncover fraud. This can help employers and businesses prosecute fraud and cut off workers’ compensation claims that are not legitimate.

Our goal at Washington Retail Association/Retail Services, Inc. is to reduce members’ risk by pro-active, aggressive claims management that includes predictive modeling to determine when it is appropriate to put our private investigators to work. For more information, contact me at terry@wrasi.com.

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