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Safety tip of the week

Remember to report and post last year’s workplace injuries

Many Washington Retail and Retail Services members have to maintain annual accident logs for the prior year. The Occupational Safety & Health Administration exempts many sorts of businesses from this reporting requirement depending on their risk class.

Retail members with 10 or fewer employees are exempt, but our larger retail and all automotive members need to report. Go here to see if you are exempt from reporting https://www.osha.gov/pls/oshaweb/owadisp.show_document?p_table=STANDARDS&p_id=12791 or contact Safety Specialist Rick Means if you have questions.

If you are a company that has to report, you should have the OSHA 300 form updated with ‘recordable’ incidents for all of 2018. The next step would be to transfer the OSHA 2018 log (form 300) totals onto the OSHA Summary sheet (300A). The OSHA summary sheet, form 300A, will need to be posted from February 1 of this year until April 30, 2019. It should be posted on a safety bulletin board for all employees to review. If you need forms go here. http://www.bls.gov/respondents/iif/forms/oshaforms.pdf

The OSHA 300 form, a copy of the 300A form, and any other supporting paperwork such as copies of the Report of Accidents should be kept in a binder in your office due to privacy of the information that is contained on some of that paperwork. You need to keep five years of these forms on file (2013 and back can be tossed).

WRA employs Rick Means as a Safety Specialist who is available to members to help draw up safety plans and suggest topics for safety meetings. Contact him at 360-943-9198, Ext. 18, or rick.means@retailassociationservices.com

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