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Transformed by training, technology

By Terry Hospecger, Director Business Development

Advanced training, education or know-how is becoming a required ticket to the 21st-century workplace.

This could mean fewer retail workers but an increased pay scale for the trained.  In the future, there could be fewer entry-level jobs and more pressure to perform.

What can the Washington Retail Association do for our members to help them navigate through these changing times?

Large companies such as Walmart are investing in building retail management certifications by giving grants for training.  This is being done with a grant from the Walmart Foundation to Chicago’s employment department.

Washington Retail Association is working with Labor & Industries in the state.  We have received a grant and developed a free safety training App called SafeMe.  This App allows people entering the workforce to take a safety class using their phone, take a test and earn a certification.  This certification can become part of a resume that could be especially helpful for the first time job seeker.

Stay tuned as we watch the changes in the retail industry and listen to our members to develop partnerships with other National Retail Federation partners.  We want to be your go-to retail experts by making essential information available to all members.

Let me know what you think or contact me if you have questions about our current lineup of services or other ideas we might consider. Contact me at terry@wrasi.com.

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