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WRA comments on Supreme Court’s e-fairness decision

WRA CEO Renée Sunde has written an online commentary on the importance of the recent U.S. Supreme Court decision regarding national sales tax reform.

The court last month voted to restore free market competition in a ruling that allows states to require remote online sellers to collect and remit sales taxes to the states where their customers live. This makes it possible for states to level the playing field between online retailers who were not required to collect sales taxes and traditional brick-and-mortar stores that were collecting and remitting required sales taxes.

Prior to the ruling, online sellers were only required to collect sales taxes if they had a physical presence in the state of their customers. The ruling is expected to result in significant new tax revenues for states while stabilizing brick-and-mortar businesses that had been operating at a price disadvantage with online sellers.

Click here to read the commentary. The piece appears in The Lens, the online news source of the Business Institute of Washington .

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