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WRA Joins No on Initiative 1631

By Renée Sunde, President/CEO

The Washington Retail Association is encouraging a NO vote on Initiative 1631, the carbon tax measure, and has officially joined the No on 1631 campaign to defeat this unfair tax in November.

I-1631’s new escalating energy tax would force Washington consumers and businesses to pay billions in higher costs for electricity, gasoline, and natural gas. This deeply flawed proposal would cost consumers more than $2.3 billion in the first five years alone – hundreds of dollars more per year for the average Washington household. These costs would increase automatically every year – quadrupling within 15 years – and there’s no cap on how high the fees could go.

When consumers have less in their pockets they have to make tough decisions on purchasing essentials. This new tax would increase the costs of all goods sold in Washington by increasing what it costs to deliver products and to stock stores.

I-1631 also creates a new state bureaucracy that would have little or no accountability for its spending, and would not be required to reduce greenhouse gases. In fact, 1631 provides no specific plan for how these new billions would have to be spent and requires no specific reductions in greenhouse gases – essentially a blank check with no guarantee.

WRA is actively engaging with the NO on 1631 campaign this fall and we encourage our members to join in, too. Your voice is needed to help spread the facts about the impacts of this costly, misleading and ineffective energy tax on Washington’s businesses and families. You can take the first step of joining the NO on 1631 Coalition and adding your business to the growing list of Washington families, farmers, small businesses, organizations, and individuals across our state who oppose this costly and unfair tax on working families and consumers.

Also, now is the time to make sure your voter registration is current, and to encourage your employees to register to vote. Visit the Secretary of State’s office at www.sos.wa.gov and click on “REGISTER TO VOTE” in the top right corner of your screen.

Another very important way you can help defeat Initiative 1631 is to make a financial contribution today using the form on the NO on 1631 campaign website. Your donation will be vital to the campaign’s efforts to reach Washington voters with important information about this damaging initiative.

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