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WRA seeks board of directors nominations

The Washington Retail Association’s Nominating Committee is looking for interested members to serve on the association’s Board of Directors.

Board members meet three times a year to discuss the key issues facing retailers and to express their concerns to elected officials and key agency staff.  The Board oversees the financial health of the organization and develops goals and objectives for the association.  At one of the meetings, the Board holds a two-day summer retreat to explore the future direction of the association and take a closer look at key issues.

WRA members are encouraged to apply for a Board position any time during the year. The volunteer support of our board members provides visionary leadership, policy development and fiduciary oversight for the association.

The board will meet December 3 in Bellevue, with the Legislature during the 2019 session that begins in January and next summer in a retreat planned in the Tri-Cities area of Kennewick, Pasco, and Richland in Eastern Washington. If you want more information or would like to be considered for a board position, please contact President/CEO Renée Sunde at 360-200-6450 or rsunde@retailassociation.org.

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