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WRA urges a boycott of Seattle’s online scheduling survey

By John Engber, Director, Retail Industry Coalition of Seattle

The Washington Retail Association would like to inform you of what we believe is a biased and leading survey being conducted by Seattle city officials.

As you might remember, WRA and other business groups urged their members to not participate in the study commissioned by the City to examine the impacts of the Secure Scheduling Ordinance (“SSO”). The reason was that the City retained an academic researcher who had urged the City Council to pass the SSO. WRA and other business groups advocated for retaining an impartial researcher to conduct the study. When the City decided to ignore those concerns, the business community urged its members to not participate in this biased study.

Last week, many of you probably received an email from the City’s Office of Labor Standards with a link to a questionnaire from the SSO study team. For the reasons discussed above, we urge you to not complete this online survey.

Since the City is not pursuing an unbiased study of the impacts of the SSO, the WRA will be seeking feedback from its members about their experience with the SSO. For example, how has the SSO impacted the number of hours worked by your covered employees? We will provide more details in the near future.

We would appreciate any feedback or questions you have on these issues. Reach me at 206-850-5517 or at john@johnengber.com. You may also check my website, www.johnengber.com.

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